3-Part Training Series Event

What Homeschooling Means for You and Your Child

Get insights to consider, strategies that work and clarity on what's involved from 3 different experts. Each session covers different points. Each expert shares different strategies.

Attend live or grab the recordings all for just $7.

Just 3 Saturdays at 8am PST / 10am CST / 11am EST

July 25th (recording already available)
August 1st
August 8th


The Key Take-Aways You'll Get In This Timely 3-Part Expert-Led Series Are:

  • Greater clarity on how to handle some of the uncertainty about what's coming in the next school semester
  • Peace of mind from addressing some of the hottest questions (and answers) parents with a child on the spectrum want answered, including about the benefits, opportunities, IEP's, priorities and pitfalls
  • Relief in seeing ways to move through the process with greater ease and less frustration
  • Affirmation from those who know what it's like - including a mom who is successfully homeschooling, a mom who and expert advocate who has not homeschooled, an advocate who takes parents through the IEP process, a psychologist who works with kids on the spectrum
  • A bigger toolbox of tactics and techniques (whether you decide to homeschool or not) on physical education, IEPs, online resources and support, getting kids to do their homework, socializing and more and
  • The Pro's and Con's of each side (homeschooling and at school learning) from Dr. Wahlberg, a renowned authority on kids with ASD who provides a therapeutic perspective.

Don't miss out!

Whether you want to attend live or grab the recordings, this 3-part webinar series has insights for what's going on now

Guest Expert

Dr. Timothy Wahlberg

Dr. Timothy Wahlberg has been developing life-changing strategies for families with children on the autism spectrum through his work in a clinical, one-on-one environment for nearly 25 years.

Dr. Wahlberg has published extensively on the subjects of autism and neurological impairments, has spoken at local and national levels on autism and neuro-developmental delay. Dr. Wahlberg also conducts training seminars at the professional level in these areas.

Dr. Wahlberg trained Jeanne during her work as the lead of the writing team of his popular book for parents, “Finding the Gray; Understanding and thriving in the Black and White World of Autism and Asperger’s.”

Dr. Wahlberg is a member of the American Psychological Association and is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Prairie Clinic in Geneva, IL.

Questions We Will Be Answering Over The 3-Day Training

  • What are the advantages of homeschooling for kids with ASD? 
  • What are the disadvantages of homeschooling for kids with ASD?  
  • How do you get the child to work independently?
  • How do you get the child to pay attention and focus on the work? 
  • What does a good routine/schedule include?
  • How do you handle when your child refuses to do the school work?
  • How do you get the child to relate to the work and see its value? 
  • How do you motivate the child? 

In this $7 Training Series, you will...

Child doing homework

1) Learn and understand the misconceptions about homeschooling and what are the advantages and disadvantages

Happy child

2) Overcome the fear of homeschooling your child with ASD and feel supported with resources

3) Know how to deal with the fight of getting your child to do their school work with focus & motivation

Recordings will be available - There's still time to join!
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