The 7 Emotional Secrets of Parents with Autistic Children

In This 7 Part Series You'll:

Discover how your emotions drive your child’s behavior and how to create a happier life.

Recognize the common emotional difficulties of parents with autistic children and learn what the successful parents do to feel better!

Recognize how social and cultural expectations add painful pressure to our lives, and how to break free from those unnecessary burdens.

Leverage the power of your emotional experience to shape a bright future for your child.

Angry at the school? Many special needs parents agree that the school system is failing their child. Discover the steps to get the school to successfully support your child.

How to approach your Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting with power and persuasion to get the resources your child needs.

Finally pinpoint why you feel chronically exhausted, hopeless, or like you are failing as a parent and transform that energy into positive support for your child.